25% off Direct Mail

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Ditch the devices and get back to marketing basics, with 25% off direct mail throughout June. 

Direct mail is one of the oldest forms of marketing for a reason - it works. That old school charm just can’t be replicated by looking at a screen. Take advantage of the sale to cut through the digital fatigue and connect with your customers in a way they’ll remember, you might be surprised at the results! 

Here’s what’s on sale. 

They’re out, they’re proud and they won’t be ignored. Back in the day, Postcards were the rockstars of the letterbox - the thickest piece of content, and the one that got all the attention! These days, Postcards still love the limelight, so take advantage by sending one to your customer base. A Birthday gift or a first-time buyer’s discount is a great idea for a postcard. Show some swagger with a stock like Pearl Artboard or Rough Diamond to really stand out. A Postcard delivers a rockstar lifestyle on a roady’s budget and your customers won’t be able to resist. 

If Letterheads could talk they’d say “I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal”. We tend to agree! Style, sophistication and class, when you want to convey something super important, you really can’t go past the classic Letterhead. A signed and personalised letter is a wonderful way to thank a long-standing client for their business. They’ll feel seen and appreciated (and you’ll reap the rewards).  

According to Australia Post, 81% of us read our mail immediately and 65% read every piece of mail we receive. With that sort of engagement you’d be mad not to send a little somethin’ out! A flyer is a simple and cost-effective way to target your audience, and you can go as niche or expansive as you like. Promote a sale, announce a new product or introduce your business to a new neighbourhood (and remember, a bold headline and a call to action go a long way). 

An envelope has one job to do - get itself opened - so be as creative as you possibly can. Use personalisation to capture attention, or a headline or teaser that’s hard to resist. Create intrigue, curiosity or an emotional connection with your audience. Get corny, get daggy, get your best dad jokes out if you want to - just get that envelope opened! 

If you want to step your marketing up a notch, booklets are the way to go. The touchy-feely, page-turny factor makes them damn near irresistible, and you can share as much or as little information as you like. Guides and product catalogues look fantastic in booklet form, and if you really want to wow your customer, attach a gift on the inside to surprise and delight. 

Business Cards
The humble business card is still going strong in 2021, and for good reason! A pocket-sized billboard, the business card will never go out of style. Change it up by adding loyalty offers or discounts to the back of your cards. A great way to keep details handy, business cards are a classic networkers tool that are still relevant today, despite their vintage roots. 

Get results with direct mail
Take advantage of this sale, get creative and have some fun with your direct marketing campaigns. Direct Mail has a much higher return on investment than digital and is one of the classic tools of an effective marketing strategy.  

We did our own direct mail campaign to show just how effective it can be, so jump into our private Facebook Community to see how we went! We’ll be sharing the results of our campaign with the group, and we’d love to hear all the ways you get creative with your own direct mail campaigns too.