Golf Scorecards - New To Our range!

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How to design the perfect Golf Scorecard 
Every golf game needs a Scorecard, it's one of the most important elements of the game. A highly tactile and visible item, the Scorecard is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your client’s brand. Here’s our top tips to do it right! 

Consider the clientele
Every golf course has a brand image and reputation to consider, so take that into account when creating the Scorecard. Is this a casual, family-friendly venue or a serious, more traditional establishment? The answer will impact the design, so it’s best to know a little bit about the place before you get to work, it’ll save you time in the long run. 

What do golfers need to know? 
The Golf Scorecard can convey anything that might be helpful to golfers including lub rules, course maps or even a gentle reminder about the dress code. It’s wise to ask what signage exists on the green, that way you can avoid repeating information that can be seen elsewhere. Space is at a premium on the scorecard so make sure you use it wisely and give that valuable real estate to the items that matter most. 

The scorecard is a great place for a bit of cross-promotion too - suggestions for golfing apparel or post-game drinks might be something to consider. 

Get serious about styling 
Fitting all the desired information onto such a small area will definitely be a challenge! Consider the style you’re going for - clean and sophisticated or fun and cheeky? Minimalist zen vibes or something with a bit more movement? This is where the clientele of the club will come back into play. 

A well-designed scorecard is often a collector’s item, so careful design will really set it apart and allow your client to be remembered for years to come. Golf Scorecards are constantly referred to while playing, so make sure you use that opportunity to really sell your clients brand. 

Just don’t over-clutter 
Less is more when it comes to most things, and the Golf Scorecard is no exception. Too much information and you risk overwhelming the person looking at it! A single image or message might be best for your client, and it can work wonders for drawing the eye. 

Golf Scorecards complement our existing Golf product range beautifully, and they’re a fantastic way to create brand recognition while out on the golf course.