How to Set Up Stickers Ready for Print


Step 1) Open your artwork file in Illustrator

Step 2) Create an outline of the shape that you require to be cut out

Step 3) Position it over the top of the sticker in place

Step 4) Select the outline, and change the colour to a new spot colour. To do so, click ‘New Swatch’ and rename the Swatch either ‘Diecut’ or ‘Kisscut’ depending on your requirements (it is important that your swatch name is listed exactly as outlined with no spaces. 'Diecut' will be the only option for Rigid Advertising Boards)

Step 5) Please change the Colour Type to ‘Spot Colour’ and set the C,M,Y,K values all to 0%, and click ‘OK'

Step 6) Your shape should now appear white, right click the outline and select ‘Arrange’ > ‘Send to Back’

Step 7) Please save your PDF as it is now ready to submit as a press ready file.


Watch our quick tutorial below or download our detailed step by step PDF instructions here. (They're unbranded so you can shoot them through to your clients too)