Rectangular Banner Flags and XL Size Now Available

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10% OFF Banner Flags SALE

Our banner flags are printed using dye-sublimation, made of high quality 110gsm knitted polyester and are double stitched for durability. All our banner flag sets come standard with a high quality fibreglass pole and star picket ground spike that reduces the ability for the flag to move or lean. We carefully chose these features to set us apart from our competitors. We also include a free carry bag for easy transportation.

Rectangular Banner Flags and  XL Sizes now available in three styles! Feather, Teardrop and Rectangular

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Offer Expires MIDNIGHT 6th Of November 

Turn Around: 8 working days

Generic Pole Sizes

  • Small = 2.9m
  • Medium = 3.5m
  • Large = 4.5m
  • Extra Large = 5.5m

Rectangular Banner Flag


Height Once Assembled

  • Small: 700 x 1060mm (1.52m high assembled)
  • Medium: 700 x 1660mm (2.15m high assembled)
  • Large: 700 x 2660mm (3.15m high assembled)
  • Extra Large: 700 x 3660mm (4.15m high assembled)

Feather Banner Flag


Height Once Assembled

  • Small: 630 x 2000mm (2.5m high assembled)
  • Medium: 750 x 2550mm (3m high assembled)
  • Large: 750 x 3560mm (4m high assembled)
  • Extra Large: 750 x 4570mm (5m high assembled)

Teardrop Banner Flag


Height Once Assembled

  • Small: 740 x 1740mm (2.2m high assembled)
  • Medium: 750 x 2200mm (2.7m high assembled)
  • Large: 1050 x 3100mm (3.6m high assembled)
  • Extra Large: 1110 x 4030mm (4.6m high assembled)


Frequently Asked Questions

What's so good about your hardware?

We’re glad you asked! Our pole system is made of fibreglass meaning it's super strong but also flexible, a very high quality piece of hardware. All of our flag sets also come standard with a star picket ground spike (unlike our competitors who use straight ground strikes). Our heavy duty star picket spike stays firmly in the ground means your flags are a lot less likely to blow over in the wind. All hardware and sets also come standard with a handy carry bag.

Tell me more about the flags themselves

Our flags are made of 110gsm knitted polyester and are double stitched for durability. They’re printed using die sublimation for a long lasting vibrant print. We offer both single and double sided flags, with double sided being our personal favourite. (They make sure your message is read correctly no matter which way the wind blows, they last longer as they're printed on two seperate pieces of fabric and sewn together with blackout material in between, BUT they aren’t that much more expensive in price, a no brainer if you ask us!)

Can I swap the star picket spike that’s included for another base?

Unfortunately not. As banner flags are predominantly used outdoors we decided to include the star picket spike in the set. We have the flag hardware manufactured with these pickets already included in the flag hardware bags and were able to pass on great savings for having this included in the manufacturing process.

I’m interested in using your giant XL Flags indoors. How come I have to buy a water bag with the cross base?

These babies are very top heavy and unfortunately won’t stand securely with just a cross base. The water bag is an easy way to ensure she isn’t going anywhere.

How do I assemble the Rectangular Banner Flags?

In your set simply replace the top section of the banner flag pole with the L shaped arm. Now slide your flag on and tie it securely to the bottom of the pole to hold it down tight.

Is it just me or do the rectangular banner flags seem shorter than your other styles?

You’re not wrong. Although they all use the same pole system, the nature of the L shaped arm means you loose the extra height at the top of a feather or teardrop flag. Please pay careful attention to the assembled height when ordering.


What Our Customer Say

"The new flags from IBS have been very impressive. Price is excellent, and with a very good price you are often sacrificing quality but that is absolutely not the case with these flags. My clients are very happy with the product and price, and so am I"

Mark | Coolangatta, QLD


"IBS are the first and only printing company I use. Their price, service, quality and turn around time, even when having to send to Cairns, is exceptional and highly reliable. I don’t need to look anywhere else. "

Marie | Trinity, QLD


"Thanks IBS Cards for our new Feather Banner flag, the print colours on the flag look great, strong and true to colour, looking just like the artwork supplied. Our double sided banner is a nice thick fabric with no light show through and the included ground spike is strong and solid. It's great you have added these banners to your range as it helps when we can get more and more quality products at great pricing from the one supplier "

Paul | Burleigh Heads, QLD


"Working with IBS is easy. Their website is simple, customer service second to one and the ease in tracking your items is priceless when passing on ETA’s to your clients. "

Emmy B. | Margate, QLD