How To Set Up Your 0.76mm PVC Business Card

Our new plastic PVC range comes with a new range of extras. Below you will find our artwork requirements for these extras so you can set up your press-ready artwork correctly.


Spot UV

  • Spot UV for our 0.76mm PVC Business Cards requires the same steps as setting up Spot UV for our Artboards, please refer to our tutorial here.  

Sequential Numbering

  • You are able to your own font file or we can predetermine it.

  • Please provide all variable data in a .csv file (note that numbering does NOT require a .csv)

  • Numbers can either be embossed (raised) tipped in gold or silver foil, or foiled (flat) in gold, silver, black or white foil.

  • There must be a 2mm gap between where the numbering starts or finishes, and the edges of your plastic card.

  • You should leave numbering/variable data off your print file, but include the location of where your numbering/variable data are to be positioned on your proof file.

Signature Panel

  • Signature panels can extend from one end of the card right to the other, and be any thickness, however, there must be 2mm gap between the top and bottom of the signature panel.
  • You can have multiple signature panels per card.
  • You should leave the signature panel off your print file, but include the length and thickness of your signature panel in you proof file (in 100% magenta).

Magnetic Strip

  • Magnetic strips are available at a standard size of 12.5mm, and extend from one side of the card to the other.

  • Please note, if you wish to have both a magnetic strip and Signature Panel they must have 3mm between them.

  • You should leave the magnetic strip off your print file, but include the placement of the magnetic strip the proof file (in 100% magenta)

  • We offer two types of magnetics strips, Lo-Co is perfect for temporary cards and Hi-Co is the way to go for frequently swiped cards.


  • 5mm circular holes are available, which need to be 5mm away from any edge of your card.
  • You should leave the circular hole off your print file, but include the location of your hole on your proof file (in 100% magenta).

Setting Up Spot White In Your Artwork

  • If you need to set up white in your artwork, please refer to our tutorial here. Please note that if you are using white as a base colour with CMYK over the top you will need to set your CMYK to overprint.

PVC Proof Guide